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Keep them coming back.

One way to encourage repeat and new business, if you have a commercial site, is to offer a unique interactive feature. For example, if ... More
Jul 3, 2010

How many balls can you juggle?

There are countless internet marketing vehicles, including social and business networks like Facebook and Twitter, auction sites like Ebay, user forums, new feeds, bloggers ... More
Jun 26, 2010

Who do you serve?

Think about the customers you serve; what would they expect to find on your site? Ask for their input if at all possible. That ... More
Jun 26, 2010

More Web Startup tips...

Jun 22, 2010Web Developer for Internet Startups

As a Web developer for Internet startups, I draw on my education, business background, creative talents and vast internet experience to help my clients achieve their goals online. You need someone who is willing to examine your needs indepth and help you formulate the best plan for success. From the initial discovery phase through development, deployment, and marketing, to long term monitoring and maintenance, I am with you each step and turn along the way.

Jun 20, 2010Startup on a Shoestring Budget

The typical startup has a relatively modest budget, so it's important to get the most bang for the buck. With a background in financial systems analysis and information processing, I can help you explore ways to gain efficiencies, conserve funds, and add to the bottom line.

Jun 22, 2010Love Love Love my iPhone!

But where are the mobile sites? Sites designed for the latest LCD flat screen monitors just don't fit (or function) in the tiny screens of mobile phones. Offering a mobile-friendly site may improve customer satisfaction and give you an edge over your competition.

Jun 21, 2010SEO & Advertising

When my first client's business site went online, she had three competitors. A Google search of her primary key word phrase today reports 19,600,000 hits. Internet startups are challenged with the task of pushing there way to the front of the pack.

I've been performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) successfully since the days long before Google became a household word and Bing was a type of cherry. In those early days, Yahoo ruled supreme with the likes of Alta Vista and Lycos in their shadow. The players have changed over the years but the game is still pretty much the same.

Only one site can hold each of the highly coveted top ten spots in Google, Bing, or MSN. To gain one of those spots, one or more pages within your site must conform to their criteria. Read that sentence again. It means that you will have to relinquish control of the design and content in several key areas. I emphasize this point here, as I have found that most site owners struggle with this.

No-one can offer guarantees, but an experienced professional is your best resource for marketing your site online.

Jun 21, 2010 CMS, DIY, Maintenance Services

Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easier for owners or employees to modify their site content. In fact, I use a custom CMS system to manage this site. If you are the DIY type or just hope to save on long term maintenance costs, a CMS may be the perfect solution for you.

Many clients start with the intention of maintaining their site content. However, due to the time and energy contraints, they usually ask me to assume that function at some point. So, before committing to a CMS system, first ask yourself the important question: would you rather spend your time growing your business or updating your site? Perhaps a bit of both? What ever your decision, I can develop the appropriate solution.

Jun 26, 2010 Technology Advances & Upgrades

Aside from startup costs, consider the long term costs of maintaining a web presence. It's estimated that the average lifespan of a web site is 2-3 years, due to factors such as advances in technology, changes in consumer expectations, and dated content. This means that you will need to reinvest in site development at least every 3 years. We can simplify this process by using a database to store your content separately from the design.

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